Sunday, November 3, 2013

2nd grade--I'm Not Scared unit

In honor of Halloween 2nd grade students spent last week on a literacy unit focused on being scared.  There were 3 days of reading with day 1 focused on monster books, day 2 characters being afraid of different things and day 3 characters being afraid of different things with a very explicit part of the story about how to overcome that fear. Generally each day students read 2 books and they were leveled for reading difficulty.

In addition, students read I'm Not Scared and Mico on the iPads or iTouches.

Students completed 3 iPad activities for the unit. After the 2nd day of reading they each created a Popplet about things they were afraid of and how they thought they could overcome that particular fear. This was a lead-in to the books on day 3 when the characters really explained how they overcame their fears (day 2 books either were not very explicit or overcoming the fear wasn't part of the story).
After day 3 groups of 3 students created a PSA (public service announcement) about how to overcome a specific fear. They used PuppetPals HD to complete this task, the first time they've used the app.  They had a lot of fun with the puppets, choosing their characters and making them move around the screen. At the same time, they all spoke very clearly and produced a product that gave advice.

Finally students wrote an iDiary entry sharing the answer to 3 questions--what was your favorite part of the unit and why, what was your least favorite part of the unit and why, and what did you learn from the unit.

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