Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1st and 2nd Graders--Showing What We Know About Pilgrims

Last week students watched and took brief notes on the Scholastic Pilgrim/Native American videos. The videos are 15-20 minutes each and are informative while entertaining enough to hold the attention of everyone. I appreciate the points at which the narrator stops the video and summarizes a few key points. At these points I also paused the video and asked students to write 1 or 2 things they remembered--focusing either on something that surprised or particularly interested them.

In pairs students looked through the Sarah Morton and Samuel Eaton books for additional facts. Given the reading level and time constraints students didn't read the books completely.

Students then had an opportunity for various quick pair-share groupings to tell each other what they noted.  All the chores and very little space were common themes!

Finally, groups of 3 students created a Puppet Pals video using Puppet Pals HD with the Thanksgiving themed characters and background. Each student stated 3 facts and they needed to plan ahead so that no facts were repeated.

Puppet Pal Pilgrim video

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