Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2nd Grade--Healthy Snacks Using Popplet and iDiary

As part of our nutrition project based learning unit students focused on healthy snacks last week.

Each student took photos of 10-15 healthy snacks that they would be willing to have at recess. I had a large stack of pictures for them to choose from that came from the Dairy Council of California. While I could have put the photos in iPhoto or Dropbox and have students select from there, I wanted them to practice with the camera by taking their own pictures. They imported the photos into Popplet and then added a caption naming the food and its food group. Students also had the option of drawing the food rather than using a photo.

Later they chose 1 of their snacks and wrote an iDiary entry about why they liked it. They were encouraged to include details about their 5 senses as well as nutrition information, but, pressed for time (no school this week so we had a deadline), I was asking for an opinion topic sentence and 3 supporting details.

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