Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1st and 2nd Graders--Counting Lego Bumps

This week one of the collaborative activities we did was to work in Lego groups. Each group had to create a structure using all 19 of their Legos with exactly 100 of the "bumps" visible from above.

After taking a photo of their creation group members interviewed each other (no samples shown because they have student faces) to explain the strategy(ies) they used to reach exactly 100. They also explained how they used Project Cornerstone skills to work together and gave their opinion about the most difficult part of the assignment.

My favorite part of the activity was watching & listening the different math strategies. Most groups eventually came up with grouping bumps into 10 groups of 10 and then covering up everything else, but other groups counted by 2s and 5s.

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