Sunday, November 17, 2013

1st and 2nd Grade Motion Math: Match

Last week my 1st and 2nd grade students had an opportunity to use Motion Math: Match, which I learned about at EdSurge Silicon Valley.

Initially students played in pairs with a partner of similar math ability. For this activity they created a "test" user. The reason I started them with a partner is because I wanted them to play the game without me telling them what to do. I have some students who are really savvy with the tech and others who are very hesitate to tap anything they haven't been specifically directed to touch. I took this into consideration when making the pairs as well. They worked on addition and after 3 games switched to subtraction.

The following day each student created their own user and had time to play several games. I let them choose their own level and addition or subtraction.

Comments from students--"I like that the app has matching numbers some of the time but other times I have to add or subtract to make a match." "I like that some cards disappear to give fewer choices." "I really want to get to the next level and win a goal tile that I picked. I was mad when Mrs. Auten told me I had to stop."

As a teacher I appreciate the differentiation--operation, difficulty, number of choices, and item earned. I also like the quietness of the game. Some of my students don't like wearing headphones and I appreciate that when they mute the app that there really is no sound. It's easy to use so it doesn't take a lot of time explaining to students what to do. Not only does that save time in class, it also empowers students to figure out the app for themselves.

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