Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st and 2nd Grade--Trading Cards App

The week before our December break my students tried the Trading Card app by ReadWriteThink for the first time. They used it in centers and therefore only had 15 minutes before it was time to move on. This was definitely not enough time, 30 minutes would be ideal to get high quality answers in all the fields.  The student example below, done by a 2nd grader, shows 3/4 of the boxes complete with some answers very brief. However, the 15 minutes was enough time for them to understand the app and complete a few of the boxes.

The app has several trading card options, including person, place, and event. I asked students to choose and complete the object trading card. The front and back of the card each have different writeable boxes, which differ based on the trading card. A great feature is that when a student hovers over each box directions pop up that give a guiding question to help them complete the box. This is great because it allows students to be more self-sufficient. Even my first grade students were able to read and follow the pop-ups (although all of them are reading at mid-2nd grade level or above).

This is definitely an app we'll use frequently!

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