Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First and Second Grade Create Their Own Curious George Story

During the week students read various Curious George stories. We spent time comparing and contrasting them (Tools4Students) as well as dissecting them, talking about the pattern of George being curious, creating a problem and the problem being solved.

Next we brainstormed all the ways George could get into trouble if he visited our classroom for the day. Pairs of students each choose 1 of the events from the list. They wrote up part of the story explaining what George did and how he resolved the trouble he caused. We strung the 12 different story events together and created a class story beginning and ending. Students photographed George causing trouble. They imported the photos into Educreations and each pair read their part of the story.

Unfortunately we had to use multiple Educreations segments because we can't email anything longer than 3 minutes. Also, given that we recorded on the last day of school before winter break and before the class party, the reading quality is not as good as it might be--students were not really interested in re-doing or practicing their parts.  However, it was fun and accomplished story writing and cooperation goals.

A segment from the middle of the story, George causes trouble twice

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