Saturday, January 19, 2013

Accessories Update

It has been about 4 months since started using Cosmonaut styluses and they continue to be fantastic. The students love the feel of them and I am happy to say (knock on wood) that they are very durable. Unlike the little rubber tip styluses or various brands that we tried initially, we have not had any Cosmonauts break.

The GripStands are also working well. The adjustable stand that is part of the case is the students' favorite part. They continue to comment on how well it adjusts to any angle they want. We don't have one for every device, so students are constantly reminded of how the GripStand performs compared to a regular cloth case with a cover flap (that sort of works to hold the iPad at a angle but over time becomes too soft to actually do so). My favorite feature is the charging stand. I love the way the iPads just slip in and immediately connect correctly to charge. iPads that are not on GripStands are still being charged via the cables that come with the devices. For some students it is a challenge to plug and unplug these correctly and sometimes the brute force I see in action makes me cringe. Not quite so perfect, over time some iPads slip out of 1 or more of the corners or the GripStand. We haven't had any accidents yet, but we are all careful to check that the iPad is in securely and if not to re-insert the iPad corner that is slipping out of the case.

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