Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Grade--Peer Interviews Using Sonic Pics

First grade students have been working on the common core standards of asking and answering questions. This week they wrote 5 interview questions that could be asked of any peer. They were randomly paired. On the iPads they took a picture of each other, imported the photo into Sonic Pics, and then conducted their interview. They each asked and answered the 5 questions with the photo of the interviewee showing (therefore I am not posting samples).

I was pleased with the fact that I could hear all of them since I have 3 students who talk very quietly and are difficult to hear face to face. I did not proof their questions ahead of time, I asked them to proof each others' questions prior to the start of the interview. When I listened to the final products I discovered that all questions were appropriate, but they did tend to start with the stem "What is your favorite...". This gives us a clear next talking point...what other types of questions could you ask?

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