Saturday, December 15, 2012

First and Second Grade--"It's Okay to Be Different" by Todd Parr

It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr is one of my favorite books. It has a fantastic message with bright, cheerful illustrations and compliments Project Cornerstone, an anti-bully program used at our school.

Following a read-aloud of the book, all students created their own page in Story Buddy. Story Buddy will allow for a maximum of 15 pages in a book, so we created part 1 and part 2. As a class we brainstormed about 35 ways that people could be different. Each student chose what they wanted to write and draw about so there wouldn't be duplicates. We followed Todd's page format so there were only a few words on each page, with very colorful illustrations. The students had fun making people with purple faces, orange hands, etc.

I haven't included page samples because students wrote their names and included an author photo in the corner of their page.

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