Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sugar Sync

This is not about student work, but about how to get student work to the parents...if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Up until about 6 weeks ago I (as well as my co-workers) were having students email their creations to our teacher email accounts. From my teacher email I checked the work and forwarded it to parents.  This worked pretty well but it did take 15-20 minutes per assignment to email for the whole class of 23 students.  In addition, there were a few issues. First, parents would get back to me weeks later asking if I could email the assignment again because they had lost it. Usually I had deleted it to save space. Some video files were too large to email. Some parents didn't want to receive 4+ emails a week of projects.

After consulting with Stuart Rosenberg, I decided to give Sugar Sync a try. It is very similar to Dropbox, which I love, but allows individual folders to be password protected. I created a folder for each student and move their work into their folder from my email. I invited parents to join their child's folder but out of 23 families I only had 4 take me up on the offer. The upside of Sugar Sync is that I can transfer all types of work to families easily no matter the format or size. In addition it's in the folder all year and parents can access it when they want. On the downside, I still have to transfer each project, just to the Sugar Sync folder instead of email.

It's working, but does anyone have a better solution? It needs to be private for each student?

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