Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Producer/Consumer Vocabulary

We had some visitors at school to see how iPads are being used and I had to create a lesson on the fly. Since we are nearing the end of our producer/consumer unit in social studies I decided to have them show me what they have learned about the vocabulary. They worked in pairs using Drawing Pad to draw a scene showing some of the vocabulary. I referenced a picture of a flower market complete with customers and a distributor making a delivery that we had studied from the textbook. The picture they created was saved to the photo library and imported to either Skitch or Strip Designer, their choice. In either of those apps they labelled the parts of the picture with social studies vocabulary. The results were cute but there was definitely not as much emphasis on vocabulary labeling as I had hoped. Most groups stopped after 3-4 words out of a list of about 10.

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