Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Division Story Problems

This week I had students create a division story problem.

For example, I have 8 rubber ducks that I need to share equally with my sister. How many do we each get?

Students used the Story Patch app using the "without help" option. This was their first time with the app so I gave them some time to explore it before starting. For the division story they did not backgrounds, we kept it simple to focus on the math. They typed a division story problem and added pictures.

At that point they had 2 choices.

1.  Insert a new page, type how they solved the problem, and show how they solved the problem.
2.  Take a screenshot of their 1 page story. Open Educreations and import the story. Record themselves circling the groups and talking about how to divide them.

Both options were emailed. Unfortunately the Educreations app was crashing so I didn't get any of those projects.

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