Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Message Tree

The app StoryLines for School is like a digital version of telephone in that a written and illustrated message is passed around to a group of students one at a time. The app is set up to be used by different multipes of students in a group. My class formed groups of 5.

Person 1 types a word or phrase in the app. The app gives some ideas that relate to vocabulary words, I had my students think of a word related to Valentine's Day. Popular words were heart, love, and candy.

The iPad is passed to person 2 who draws a picture to match the word. The drawing is all black line only, no colors or different thicknesses of ink. This keeps it simple with the focus on the message not the art.

The iPad is passed to person 3, who sees only the drawing made by person 2 and gives it a title. In a 3 person group this would be the end of the process and the 3 steps would be put together. The group could then comment on how the illustration went with the original word and then how the illustration was interpreted by the person titling it.

The iPad is passed to person 4, who sees only the title written by person 3, and draws a new picture to match.

Then person 5 sees only that 2nd picture and gives it a title.

As with the 3 person group when the process is complete they can talk about their parts and how they relate to the work done by the others in the group. Since each person's part is fairly quick I am going to limit them to about 2 min each to keep it moving.  These can be emailed. Email worked for me last week when I was experimenting with the app. However, when my students used it the email function was down. I have contacted the developer and hopefully will get this resolved. The students had a blast.

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