Friday, February 17, 2012

Jan Brett inspired story in SonicPic and DrawingPad

The class read and compared/contrasted The Mitten and The Umbrella, both by Jan Brett. Groups of 3-4 students created a story map and then a story describing a container of their own that becomes a home to 3 animals. Following the pattern, they lose their home at the end. Students created 3 illustrations in DrawingPad and imported them to SonicPic and then read their story.  The largest file size that can be emailed in SonicPic is 10 MB. A couple groups were very descriptive in their stories and their finished products were slightly larger so they had to go back and read a little faster so I could share with their families. I know YouTube and other sharing methods are available, but for the moment email is the preference for the majority of the parents.

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