Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giving back

I have had iPads in my classroom for a little over a year now and thought it was time to share what my class is creating. Last year I had 3 iPads for 1/3 of the week for 20 students. This year I had 3 iPads full-time for 24 students for the first half of the year and have recently been granted 3 additional iPads. I am so excited that 1/4 of my students can now use iPads at the same time!

I love following the tweets and blogs of other educators and I decided it was finally time to give back and share iPad projects I am using with my students. Some of the activities they do are actually ideas I have thought of, but many of them are borrowed from other sources. I am especially thankful for the ideas, comments and musings of Kelly Tenkely, Lisa Johnson, Yolanda Barker, and all the folks at EdReach.  Check them out, they are so inspirational!

So, as my class creates, I'll be posting a photo sample and quick overview of what we did. Almost all our projects are done in 20 minute blocks.

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  1. This is a great idea, I am sure a lot of teachers will benefit. I follow Kelly as well, lots of interesting stuff from Colorado.