Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hero Reports with StripDesign

We just finished our unit about heroes. As a culminating project each student chose a hero we had not studied as a class, learned about them, and gave an oral presentation. It is always fun since some students dress in costume and bring props. We work as a class to complete a brief chart about each person, but I always end the oral presentations wondering how much each student recalled from their classmates' talks.

This year after all the presentations I paired students so they could work together to create a project showing what they had learned about their partner's hero.

In the first session student 1 described their hero to student 2 and student 2 created a StripDesign project in 20 minutes. In the second session they traded roles. They were encouraged to add as many facts as time allowed and I was pleasantly surprised by how much some of them were able to type. As usual the projects were emailed.

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