Saturday, March 14, 2015

WeCollabrify Apps for Comparing Kids in Fiction to Real-life Friends

About 2 weeks ago we started a unit comparing kids in realistic picture book fiction to real-life friends (and self). After completing the 1st 6 books groups of 3-4 students completed a WeKWL chart with their findings. I asked them to focus on behaviors and feelings of the book characters.

After reading an additional 4 books students added to the L column of the chart.

In different groups, 3-4 students used the same 10 books to create a WeMap focusing on feelings of different characters and what caused those feelings. They also made connections to themselves, relating similar events that caused the feelings in their own lives. Each student was assigned a different color so I could easily determine who had added each node.

I formed new groups, still with 3-4 students per group, and asked them to write at least 6 examples of specific behaviors of the realistic characters that they could relate to on a personal level. They used WeWrite.

Finally, groups of 2 students created a WeSketch with 2 boxes. Once box showed a scene from one of the books. The other box portrayed a similar scene from one of the students' lives.

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