Saturday, January 10, 2015

Freckle Juice unit

This week we read Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. At the end of each chapter students completed an iPad activity, in addition to comprehension questions and connections.

chapter 1--Using Tools4Students pairs of students wrote about 2 cause/effect pairs. Independently they illustrated and wrote a caption for a 3rd cause/effect pair using an app of choice (Strip Design and My Story were popular choices).

chapter 2--Pairs created a timeline of 5 events from the chapter using Tools4Students, Popplet, WeMap, or Timeline by ReadWriteThink. Here Timeline was the favorite (8 pairs), possibly because we've only used it once before so it still has the novelty factor.

chapter 3--Students each created a "poster" advertising a product they invented. First we had a few lessons about advertising and marketing strategies. Students could use any iPad app, everyone chose either My Story or Drawing Pad.

chapter 4--Pairs of students created a Trading Card about Andrew.

chapter 5--Using any recording app (Educreations, Chatterpix Kids, and Tellagami were the ones picked), completed 2 sentence stems--"Freckle Juice was about..." and "I liked/didn't like it because...".

Educreations recording

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