Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Been a Great Year and Some Wishes for 2015

We are now on winter break. As a look back at 2014 I am really excited about the thinking and learning my students displayed.
--Last spring many of them completed all the challenges in Hour of Code, something I'm pretty sure I couldn't do easily.
--They are listening to each other and building on others' thoughts and comments and we are using apps such as the Collabrify suite to accomplish this
--Students have provided specific feedback to Osmo, TeachMe/Math games, and a few other app developers, which has really empowered how they view themselves as a user of technology
--They are able to choose an app that best meets the needs of a given task and they love the ability to personalize their work
--Showing work in math is not quite the chore it was previously as students build stamina for demonstrating their thought process. I don't hear "I just know" as much any more.
--Just about everyone is willing to tap and swipe and explore to learn more about apps, especially after updates change what an app can do and they are great about seeking advice from each other
--I have 1:1 iPads which allows my students the time they need to re-work and revise assignments because no timer goes off telling them their turn is done
--Students are suggesting activities to me
--Students who don't normally want to pick up a book are enjoying reading in Epic! and sharing ratings in Bookopolis
--Typing speed is increasing

My wishes for 2015 are
--for the curiosity to continue
--for the excitement and growth mindset to flourish
--for our learning management system to work better because right now Lightspeed is driving me crazy. I have apps that randomly disappear from 1 iPad even though the system says the app is installed, I have 1 iPad that has been "being fixed" since the beginning of October because it locked, I have 1 Ipad that will install all the apps I want except 8 even though those 8 are on the other iPads and the system says the 8 are on the iPad in question and there is space, and the email password keeps being bumped off all the iPads so I have spent literally hours re-entering the password and re-sending student work. I have not spoken to either Apple or Lightspeed about this issue, but those in my IT department who have say that they blame each other. I hope in 2015 they get along and solve these glitches!

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