Saturday, January 17, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. study

Friday we focused a lot on Martin Luther King Jr.

We started with the Scholastic News grade 2 magazine (on our iPads), including viewing the videos and completing the back page in Skitch. I followed that with a read aloud of A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr by David A. Adler and My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris. Students were then put in pairs and given a block of time to read and research. I had a few sites bookmarked on Symbaloo for them to access as well as biographies in the Epic app and some paper books.

Following all this research pairs of students (different partner from the research phase) created a Haiku Deck presentation with facts they had learned. Here are a few slides from their presentations. I required all students to have a title slide and 1 fact per other slide, but outside of that I gave them free reign.

Later in the day, following a discussion of the "I Have a Dream" speech, students created a presentation about what they dreamed about for our classroom, their neighborhood, our country, and the world. I left the app choice up to them and also gave them the option of working on paper.

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