Friday, March 7, 2014

Visit From Toontastic's Andy Russell

Way back on February 25 Andy Russell from Toontastic came to visit our class. He spent an hour talking with my students about story creation and all the parts that go together to make a good story. His visit was well timed because today we started writing stories for Young Author's Fair and we discussed all the elements of a good story.

For the second 1/2 of his visit pairs of students used Toontastic to create their own story. No rules, no requirements, just explore the app. We had only used Toontastic once prior to Andy's visit, so the ins and outs of the app were still pretty new. Of course everyone had a fantastic time and at the end students used Air Server to share their creations. Most were only a single scene long because the students were so invested in choosing just the right characters and scenes but all the students were asking for time later to finish them up.

We have more fun Toontastic projects planning in the upcoming months.

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