Friday, March 7, 2014

1st Graders Share Their Opinion of Class Rules

Our current 1st grade social studies unit is about making and voting for rules/laws and why we need them. I asked students to choose their least favorite rule, explain the rule, explain why they didn't like it, and explain why they thought it was a rule in the classroom.

No work samples available today because they used photos of themselves either in the Strip Design app with speech bubbles or in the Chatterpix Kids app with a moving mouth.

It's amazing how many of them (9/14) don't like the rule that they can't lean against the wall under the whiteboard (because it has posters with pushpins that could fall out and hurt us). If I had to guess that never would have been the rule I would have thought they would pick. But that insight is making me think I need to move some posters!

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