Monday, May 26, 2014

Tangible Play's Osmo Now Available for Pre-Order

Osmo by Tangible Play is now available for pre-order. My students have been lucky enough to be involved in beta testing for a few months. Osmo has 3 different games; a tangram activity, a word game that reminds me of hangman, and a physics/motion game. They are all very different from each other and all offer a chance for collaborative interaction between students. In addition, they all involve interaction with physical objects off the iPad screen. Each game has different levels as well and the word game allows teachers to add their own photos and words. My family visited over the weekend for my daughter's birthday and my son's high school graduation and we played while sitting in the stadium waiting for graduation to start. Participants were ages teen to grandparent and everyone had a great time. I have written about the games in earlier posts and you can pre-order here

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