Friday, May 2, 2014

2nd Graders Create a Character Social Media Page

We started this activity with a brainstorm of all the fictional main characters we've read about so far this year. Students each chose 1 of those characters and created a page for the character, a little bit along the lines of a Facebook or Instagram page. This is a new lesson for me and I'm not very active on Facebook or Instagram so I need to tweek a bit.

Using the Pages "elegant brochure" template, students used the center panel to insert an illustration of their character that they made in Drawing Pad. They added a few sentences describing the character--next time this should be a 1st person description. On the right panel they inserted an illustration of the book's setting, drawn in Drawing Pad and added a few sentences about that. Again that would work better if written in the 1st person. On the left panel students thought of 2 other characters we read about this year and they had those characters write a message to their primary character.

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