Sunday, May 5, 2013

2nd Grade Life Cycle Narratives

This past week 2nd grade students listened to a read aloud of both The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and Seahorse Reef by Sally M. Walker and Steven James Petruccio. We discussed how these books were both stories, but contained factual information.

Groups of 2-3 students chose a specific plant or animal or their choice (but not a sunflower or a seahorse) and they storyboarded their own life cycle narrative. This was challenging for some of the groups--they wanted to write the steps in the life cycle and be done with it. We had to go back to the 2 books above and talk about how they would have been different if they had been just a series of steps in the life cycle.

Once the storyboard was complete the groups chose an app to create their story. Most used Educreations, but others chose StoryBuddy, Scribble Press, Strip Design/Drawing Pad, and Sonic Pics/Drawing Pad.

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