Sunday, May 5, 2013

1st & 2nd Grade Write About This App

My students enjoyed a new app today, Write About This. We tried the free version, but I love it so much I think we'll buy the paid version. Next year I can see alternating this app one day a week with free writing in response to a Wonderopolis topic. There are enough pictures in Write About This to last a year, I would just vary the writing format.

Students selected a topic of interest to them and then chose a prompt. I appreciate the 3 levels of prompts (going up Bloom's Taxonomy) and I encouraged all my students to start with the level 3 prompt and only go down to level 2 or 1 if they didn't understand the prompt or were unsure of what to write. Of my 24 students only 2 opted to write about a prompt that wasn't at level 3.

The level 3 prompts did require a more detailed response. Most of my students didn't have time in their 20 min block to fully answer all parts of the question (oh I wish they could type faster).  Allowing them 30 min would have been a better time frame, too bad we had to move on to state testing.

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