Sunday, May 26, 2013

1st and 2nd Grade Comics Using Drawing Pad and Strip Designer

Last week we completed a unit about comic books. Students LOVED the chance to read comics in school. I had a wide variety of reading levels, series, and topics for students to choose from. We used Tools4Students to compare comic books to picture books as well as to list features they noticed for all the comic books.

Students then created their own comic, mapping it out on paper first. Due to time, I asked 1st grade students to create a comic with 2-4 boxes and 2nd grade students to create a comic with 4-6 boxes. I wanted to be sure they would have time to complete a finished comic within the week as we had open house and a staff day (on the iPad each student had 40 min). Then next week we move on to other topics! However, I have had students email me sequels to their comics that they created on ipads at home. It's always great when students want the learning/experience to continue.

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