Saturday, March 2, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Usually I sit down every Saturday and go through all the digital work my students have posted to Posterous during the week.  Much to my dismay today I have discovered that very little of their work has actually posted. About 1/3 of the assignments completed this week appear in the Posterous list but then display a "we can't find your page" message. About another 1/3 of the work doesn't appear in Posterous at all. This could be due to Posterous difficulties or it may be due to Internet in my classroom (the teacher next door and I have a combined total of 10 laptops and 15 iPads and we are using an Airport--hopefully we will switch to Meraki soon). I'll guess my #1 job Monday morning will be re-sending all the missing work and hoping it goes through. However, a bunch of my posts today won't have any student samples.

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