Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Work Available To View This Week!

Well, this must be the season for iPad frustration, at least for my class. Despite creating and emailing many assignments this week, not a single one made it off the iPads. This could be due to our network, Posterous, or the fact that we're in the process of switching email accounts. To me it's just frustrating to sit down with my computer waiting to see final products that I watched students work on during the week and see...nothing!

Anyway, in case you want ideas without visuals, here's how we spent the electronic part of our week.

First grade
  • Read Horton Hears a Who on iPad
  • Read Horton Hatches an Egg on iPad and write Horton a letter using Card Shop app telling him why he's an upstander and why the other characters are bullies
  • Read The Sneetches on iPad and create a StoryBuddy about 2 times when they felt like a Star-bellied Sneetch and why
  • Read The Grinch on iPad
  • Magnetic ABC do different screens reviewing -ar and -or words as well as those with y as a vowel

Second grade
  • Draw a Stickman 2 and then in Tools4Students sequence the events
  • Read The Statue of Liberty on the iPad and Educreations explain the science behind why the Statue of Liberty is green
  • Complete a few worksheets using Paperport Notes and Dropbox (still experimenting, trying to decide if there is merit compared to paper)
  • Students learned the whole multiplication unit (finished this week) using Nearpod. I have been using Nearpod since the beginning of the year for science and social studies and it was going so well I have been slowly creating math lessons there as well. Students love it and I appreciate seeing each of them draw/shade arrays and circles/dots to explain their thinking before they start on workbook pages.

Both grades
  • Create a cake using Cake Maker (free version) then import to StoryBuddy and record themselves telling the steps they used to create the cake. Type descriptive sentences of the cake.
  • Read books in A to Z leveled libraries and answer questions
  • More number talks, this week using Doodle Buddy instead of Chalk

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