Thursday, April 16, 2015

Osmo Tangram and Osmo Masterpiece Combined

Here's a new lesson we did to use Masterpiece in a more academic sense.

My students have played Tangram frequently and are very familiar with the idea of combining the shapes to make pictures. This is important, I think, for this activity to be successful.

Pairs of students used the Osmo Tangram pieces to create an object on the table without accessing the Tangram app. I encouraged them to create something of their own rather than just recreating something they recalled from the app. However, there were a couple of pairs that struggled with creating their own picture and they did "copy" something they remembered from the app.

The pairs then accessed the Masterpiece app and took a photo of their Tangram picture. They drew the outline only of their picture so they ended up with something like the black challenges from the Tangram app in which the location of the individual pieces is hidden.

Pairs traded papers and used the physical tangram pieces to "solve" where the other group had put each piece to create the picture. They traced the pieces as they put them down and then conferred with the creating group to see if they had done it correctly.

Some pairs who had additional time created a 2nd copy of the tangram outline using Masterpiece and then colored in the drawing they made to make it look more like the real object (ie put feathers and eyes on a bird, etc.)

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