Thursday, April 16, 2015

Close Reading of Video Using Zaption

In the last 6 weeks I've introduced close reading of video to my students. We've used the Zaption app for this skill.

I've chosen videos that are short, 1-7 minutes, for my 2nd graders.

Depending on the video students either watch on Zaption for the 1st viewing and whole class for the 2nd viewing or we watch whole class for the 1st viewing and on Zaption for the 2nd viewing. Here's a breakdown of how each of those options work.

Process 1--
1.  Students watch independently on their iPads with headphones and answer questions as they proceed through the video. The great thing about Zaption for those who haven't used it, is that I embed questions, comments, photos at different points in the video. The video pauses for these embedded items to be processed by the student before they continue. Questions I often include revolve around comprehension of the topic and making connections.
2.  We watch the video whole class. Students then pair-share deeper level questions and then share whole class and we also use this time to evaluate the video and clarify anything that confuses students.

Process 2--
1.  I use this flow for videos that I think will be more difficult for students. We watch the video whole class first and discuss the topic.
2.  Students watch independently using Zaption and as above answer embedded questions.

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