Sunday, October 12, 2014

Identifying Nouns and Verbs with Write About This and My Story

I love the Write About This app. There are so many fantastic photos and I really appreciate the 3 different questions for each of them. It makes it easy for me to differentiate or for my students to differentiate for themselves.

This week we used the photos to review parts of speech. Students took a screenshot of a photo of their choosing and brought it into the My Story app. On one page they listed 5 nouns from the photo and on a second page they listed 5 verbs.


  1. Jennifer,
    I love this idea! I have 12 iPads in my classroom for 22 students and I have been trying to find more ways to integrate them into the curriculum. The things you are doing in your classroom are amazing! Can you tell me how you added the photo from the screenshot into the My Story app? I haven't been able to figure it out.

  2. Hi Tanya

    If you tap on the green square in the bottom right corner (it has a mountain icon) then select the same icon under the "other media" section at the bottom. This will open photos. Thanks for your compliments!