Saturday, December 14, 2013

iPads Helped with Sub Plans

This past week I received one of those dreaded phone son had been in a bike accident on his way to school and needed to be taken to the doctor.

Luckily for me my principal came right up, but I still needed some type of sub plans for the day. Unfortunately I planned it to be a day of Nearpod, LiveSlide, videos and blog responses, and some other activities that don't translate well into quickly written sub plans. I do have (buried in the back of a closet somewhere) a stack of worksheets that I printed about 8 years ago in case of such an event. Rather than pull them out I turned instead to the iPads.

I have to say I didn't write a wonderful day's worth of lessons, but I was able to quickly put together some learning that would keep students engaged, tie to Common Core, tie to current topics, and be easy for a sub to follow.

I had 3 books related to both our family culture and nutrition units ready to use so I had the students complete a Tools4Students graphic organizer of their choice for each book. They needed to finish their final family heritage Strip Design project. We had our Hour of Code on Tuesday so I gave them the option of following up with more time on Kodable, Daisy the Dinosaur, or Hopscotch. They wrote an entry in iDiary. For math time they had a choice of Splashmath, Mathmateer, Front Row and TenMarks. It's a blur, I think there were a couple other activities in there, but that pretty well covered the day and I had a great report back on student behavior.

Over the December break I think I'll create a better day's worth of sub plans in case of emergency (still using versatile apps although with more planning), but I have to say the iPad made it easy not to run to the copier in a panic.

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