Friday, April 19, 2013

1st Grade--Solids, Liquids and Gases Using Tellagami and Splice

We are currently on spring break, but before this vacation, my first grade students were experimenting with solids and liquids and thinking back to what they remembered about gases (January/February science unit).

They had their 2nd use of Tellagami and Splice for this project. In groups of 3 each student "became" one of the states of matter. They each created an avatar for their state of matter in Tellagami and recorded themselves making 4 statements about themselves, such as "I am a solid and I do not change shape." They had to work together so that the topics of their 4 statements were all the same (so if solid made the above comment then liquid and gas also had to comment on their ability to change shape). After all the recording was finished students re-arranged their comments in order so that each comment on a given topic were heard sequentially.

This activity took about 45 min but it was well worth hearing the different statements students thought of about their state of matter as well as their ability to work together to organize 12 clips.

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