Friday, April 19, 2013

1st and 2nd Grade Learn Tellagami and Splice

From Tony Vincent I learned about 2 apps, Tellagami and Splice and a great way to use them to have students create a dialogue with each other.

We recently had a school walk-a-thon and silent auction day so I asked students to interview each other about their day at this event using Tellagami and Splice. Each student created an avatar in Tellagami. For the 1st round 1 student was the interviewer and 1 student was the interviewee. The interviewer recorded 2 questions in Tellagami and then the interviewee recorded answers to the 2 questions. It was easier to record in a non-sequential order so the students didn't have to re-create their avatar.

They especially liked the different facial expressions available on the avatars and also the way the avatar moved according to the expression in their voices as they recorded.

After recording the 4 clips students imported them to Splice and organized them in the correct sequence.

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