Saturday, February 2, 2013

2nd Grade Hero Strip Design

The second grade students each gave an oral report about a hero this week.  As a class we created a timeline so we could visualize when each person made a contribution and who else might have been living at the same time. I am still looking for a basic app to use for this purpose. My high school son uses several timeline apps for history, but none of them seem as visually helpful for 2nd graders as a big butcher paper line around the room.

On the iPad students did pair up and teach their partner about their hero. The listening/learning partner then created a Strip Design about the hero. I had each listener/learner start by asking the teacher 3 questions (we went over information that students were likely to know about their hero, such as "Where did they live?" rather than "What was their favorite color?") and then after that the teacher shared additional information.

I asked students not to write the name of the hero in the Strip Design. The last part of the activity was for pairs of students to swap iPads.  The pair worked together to see if they could remember back to the oral reports they had listened to and match the clues on the Strip Design created by classmates with the correct hero name.

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