Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tools4Students, I Just Love It

I am not going to keep posting student work and talking about this app every time we use it, because it gets opened by every student 2-4 times a week now. I just love all the graphic organizers included. It seems that no matter what book we are discussing or what reading skill we are talking about, there's a template to practice on.

Without basic typing skills using this app is really slow, but once the students can hunt and peck okay (most of mine are at about 8 wpm according to Type to Learn) and know where the letters are located, it is a go-to.

This week they used it for real/make-believe in an Ayrn ebook, Edsel McFarlan's New Car, compared an ebook version and paper version of an Anansi story with the venn diagram template, sequenced events in the voting process, and found details to support the main idea of a non-fiction reading selection from the Houghton Mifflin textbooks we use.

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