Saturday, October 27, 2012

1st and 2nd grade--Election Educreation

Second graders read the book Clifford for President by Norman Bridwell, and I read it aloud to the first grade students. We had a conversation just talking about why people voted for Clifford instead of Mac and how this might translate into people voting in real life.

After students clearly understood that it's a good idea to vote for someone you think can solve problems instead of someone who is nice, I asked them to create their own election campaign. I asked them to create a president for our school. Instead of creating a campaign for a real person, however, I asked them to use a make-believe character such as our school mascot or the tooth fairy. I didn't want to use real students and have feelings hurt when we later hold an election between the different choices.

Students quickly sketched a poster for their campaign and a specific problem their character could solve at school. Once I approved it they created an Educreations presentation, under 30 seconds in length as I wanted them to be very focused.

school president

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