Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Cornerstone

Our school uses Project Cornerstone as a character building curriculum. During the year parents came and read 8 books with 8 related activities. Each book focused on an aspect of self-esteem, being kind, helping others, being an upstander, etc.

Today I asked students to create a "final project" that combined all the messages they remembered from the 8 books. Prior to starting we listed the books as a class and recalled key buzzwords.

I gave students a menu of apps to use for their project. The app choices were DrawingPad, Strip Design, SimpleMind+, Popplet, Educreations, SonicPic, and PuppetPals. They were all apps we had used at least twice.

At least one student chose each app, with SimpleMind+ being the most popular, something I would not have guessed. It just reminds me that it's great to give students the freedom of expression rather than assume what they would like to use as a means of expression.

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