Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since we've spent a fair amount of time recently writing parts of narratives and full narratives on paper, it was a great opportunity for students to create a narrative in Toontastic.

I like the way the app is broken into the different parts of a story, it's a great way to practice story vocabulary. It also allows for differentiation because some of the scenes can be deleted to make a shorter story and more scenes can be added for more "wordy" authors.

For our first try I limited students to using the scenes and characters included within the app and all of them were able to complete a story (not including storyboarding on paper) in 30-40 minutes. Next time I'll allow them more time and the freedom to draw their own.

Mood music is another great feature.

The only think I'm not fond of is the need to post finished products to ToonTube. I created an account and have all my students use the same name. My preference would be for a video file I could post to Posterous or some other site.

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