Saturday, May 12, 2012

Compare a Twist

Compare a Twist is a fantastic combination of review and remember and explain what you know. My students used the app several times to go through games I made or those provided with the app. They sorted things like nouns/verbs and 1 syllable words/2 syllable words.

That meant they were familiar with the app and how it worked when they did the activity this week. I asked pairs of students to create their own game with a total of 6-16 words. Each pair had to come up with 2 categories related to the math we had learned this year. It was a great way for them to review for the STAR test. For those students that were stuck I had category suggestions.

Some of the categories they sorted tiles into were 2D/3D shape words, fraction/not a fraction, uses addition regrouping/does not use addition regrouping, and quarter before/quarter after.

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