Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dash and Dot Activities

This week my students worked on Dash and Dot robot activities. We had 6 robots so the students were in groups of 3-4 and they had 30 minutes for each activity.

Monday--free exploration with Path and Blockly

Tuesday--create a maze on butcher paper then program Dash to navigate the maze. At different points in the maze (indicated by symbols on the paper) have Dash stop and make a sound or light up

Wednesday--program Dash to draw a square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, and other shapes of your choice. Determine the degrees needed for angles of each shape. Also, program Dash to solve math equations. For example, forward 25 then stop then forward 38 equals 63

Thursday--on a grid drawn on butcher paper place Lego towers. Program Dash to knock down the towers

Friday--use the xylophone to create a song and put words to it to match a science unit's content.

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