Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Next Round of Our Bridge Inquiry/Design Thinking Activity

This week we returned to our bridge building unit.

Groups of students looked back at photos of the bridge they built a few weeks ago using books, Lego, toothpicks, index cards, and tape. They had a mandatory 5 minute talking time in which they were not allowed to access any supplies, including pencils and paper. I really wanted it to be time for group reflection about what went well with their initial bridge, what needed improvement, and what changes they wanted to implement.

Following the discussion, students were given the same supplies as before and they got to work. After the building period we tested each bridge against the listed criteria (length, height, and what it had to support). Students were excited that all bridges past the test this time. As a group they had a mandatory 3 minute talking time to reflect about why their bridge was more successful. Finally, each student completed an individual reflection, answering 3 sentence stems. They could do this reflection on paper or any app of their choice.

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