Saturday, February 22, 2014

1st and 2nd Grade Used Apollo (formally Liveslide)

Right before we went on February break my students had a chance to use Apollo.

The most difficult part was getting each student logged in. Their typing skills are still at the beginning level and getting their email and password entered correctly definitely took some time.

Once everyone was into the lesson it was fantastic. I also use Nearpod as a teaching tool and I think Apollo fills a tandem niche. There are times I want to immediately add something and Apollo made that easy. It was helpful to be able to draw on the screen as students watched. The absolutely LOVED having control and drawing for their peers. They especially liked looking at their screen to see the tool bar pop up and know it was their turn and I didn't even have to tell them I was giving them control.

I have a Mimio interactive whiteboard, but it's a challenge if I'm using it for a 1st grade lesson because many 2nd grade students are distracted and want to watch the lesson rather than complete their seat/partner work and vice versa. Teaching on a device that students hold on their laps using Nearpod and now Liveslide solves this problem.

I'm looking forward to using Liveslide more when we return to school!

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