Sunday, September 30, 2012

1st grade--plant parts

We are winding down our plant unit. On 2 different days first grade students created iPad projects showing what they have learned about plant parts. One project was created in StoryBuddy, an app they have now used several times and the other project was created in Educreations, which I just introduced them to. I left both assignments fairly open-ended, asking them simply to think about all the plant topics we had talked about and all the things they had observed as they grew grass and wheat.

StoryBuddy projects were 3-7 pages because they had an extended period of time (half hour) to work on them instead of the usual 15-20 minutes. Students were given 45 minutes for their Educreations projects and I asked them to create a storyboard to show me prior to drawing and recording on the iPad.

Educreations plant parts

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